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The underworld is having it's annual "Nightmare Fishing Tournament". The grand prize is a return to the Land of the Living. You play as a recently deceased corpse fished from the Bay of Torment by a frightening shopkeeper with a proposition:

Battle through 10 waves of a hellish fishing competition in order to win a second chance at life. Fail, and you won't just be sleeping with the fishes--you'll be eaten by them.

NOTE: This game was remade 2 times, both versions are free:

NFT3D: https://shadowband.itch.io/nightmare-fishing-tournament-3d

NFT2020: https://shadowband.itch.io/nightmare-fishing-tournament-2020

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Nightmare Fishing Tournament.exe 132 MB


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It was an experience.  Never fished like this before.

Hey thanks a ton for trying this one out! There are several versions of this game floating around out there, but if you are interested, I just released a new ocean survival sim called Survive the Sea where you play as a dolphin protecting shipwreck survivors from dying at sea! Would love to get your take on it if you get a chance :D