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Don't be fooled by the "fishing" part, this tip to the lake is to DIE for... A fresh corpse has arrived in the Underworld, just in time for the annual "Nightmare Fishing Tournament". This hellish fishing competition features 16 rounds of terror as you literally fish for your life.

To aid you, trade in credits with the SHOP REAPER to get access to the netgun, the poison speargun, floating seamines and more. Carve the scales from your enemies in brutal knife combat and craft different PERKS to give you an edge over the competition!

Explore the seafloor by crafting enhanced lung capacity, or purchase a diving bell to extend aquatic expeditions and harvest the bounty of the seafloor!

The game features both keyboard and controller support ( Different dedicated versions of the game ).

 And be sure to check out my LATEST RELEASE: "MOUNT FEAR!" A mountain climbing sim THAT IS ALSO A HORROR GAME!


NFT 2020 Controller Version.zip 785 MB
NFT2020 v.2.0 KEYBOARD VERSION.zip 785 MB

Install instructions

NOTE: There are 2 versions of this game, ensure you want the one that matches your intended input scheme, either the KEYBOARD BERSION or the CONTROLLER VERSION


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Looks interesting, but I don't get why you had to separate the keyboard and controller versions of the game instead of just putting in an option to switch between them.


It's technical

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I'm going to have to go ahead and disagree. It's standard practice. It's not that it's "technical", it's that you don't know how to do it or are for some reason resisting doing it.


That's your right I suppose