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2 Ninjas. 1 Ball. 1 way out... As a ninja, use your agility and amazing physical abilities to withstand the most high stakes volleyball match imaginable! Hop around the balance pikes with ease, but watch out, one false step and you lose - EVERYTHING!

RULES: Serve the ball over the net, and the first ninja to miss the ball ( or hit the net ) loses 1 balance pike and gets a spike in its place. Gain to many spikes, and there's nowhere left to go but down...


(Xbox Controller/Gamepad inputs only. )

START ------ Begin Game 
 LEFT STICK ------ Move in Air/ Direct Pike Switching Direction
RIGHT STICK (R3) ------ Switch Camera Types
A Button ------ JUMP/ DOUBLE JUMP
X Button ------ Rush Ball ( in air )
Y Button ------ Serve Ball ( on player's turn )
B Button ------ Seek Nearest Balance Pike ( in air )
LB and RB ------ Swap current Balance Pike ( while balanced )
LT ------ Focus on Ball ( player follow cam only )
RT ------ Auto-Swap (Currently selected) Balance Pike


Ultimate Ninja Volleyball WINDOWS.zip 114 MB

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