A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

What is it that lurks beneath the waves? Are you brave enough to find out?

"Fathoms of Fear!" is a game about surviving the terrors of the deep and discovering the sunken city of Atlantis! But beware, the creatures at the seafloor are deadly, and horrific monstrosities stalk you at every turn! The danger is great, but the rewards are untold fortunes... will you recover the sunken treasure, or end up floating on the surface?- Risk it all to find ATLANTIS at the bottom of the sea!

^ I give a little developer commentary on this game if anyone is interested!

- Hide from predators roaming the seafloor, or hunt them with different weapons!

- Spooky atmosphere and terrors abound -- what lurks in the dark?

- Supports GAMEPAD and MOUSE + KEYBOARD inputs!

- Available on Windows, Mac and Linux! 


Fathoms of Fear WINDOWS.zip 801 MB
Fathoms of Fear! MAC.zip 821 MB
Fathoms of Fear! LINUX.zip 859 MB

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I really enjoyed this game, the concept is really good and the atmosphere that was setup is chilling. This game is why I dont go in the ocean.


Thank you so much for trying out my game!  If you are in the market for a palette cleanser I actually just released another game project called "Punch Trunk!" based on that old Looney Tunes cartoon with the tiny elephant. Unlike this one, it's a wacky experience not meant to be spooky at all. But if you are interested in more horror, even deep sea stuff, try some of my other games some time. Good luck with the channel!


I played this after it was recommended to me and i got to say i absolutely loved it! It had a great stylization and the mechanics were solid! The jumpscares / horror aspect was great and the sounds were immersive! The only problem i had with it was the hiding mechanic (Which may of been my own fault) But other than that this was amazing! If you wanna see my playthrough its on my channel Masklyverse (I dont put the link on itch.io because it messes with youtubes algorithm).

Thanks for checking the game out! That's interesting about posting the link on itch, I had never heard this, would have guessed any exposure would be a good thing. How does it  act negatively?


Basically the youtube algorithm doesn't like it very much when views come from external sources. Most of the time it causes the algorithm to not recommend the video to new people because of either A: a lot of people click the link to see a few seconds of the video then click off to play the game without spoilers and don't return to the video or B: it could be someone who might be interested in the game realize they wont like it / don't like the genre and have completely different things recommended to them on youtube and youtube sends videos to different people based off interests of the people who watch the video (tries to send to someone else who watches the same content but if that person doesn't like that content lets say someone who watches a lot of music or commentary videos it will suggest it to the wrong people and youtube will think the video just isn't good not recommending it to more people) so ill get a view spike when i post videos here but not good retention or recommendations on youtube because of the way the algorithm is set up which sucks because it used to be better but when they changed it in 2019 that's when those problems started showing up- also sorry that was long-

basically it messes up organic growth on youtube which is the best way to grow. a lot of channels up end falling behind without it / falling off or failing-

also retention time is worth more than views on youtube because that's how it dictates if its going to keep recommending it to new people or stop it used to go off views but they changed that

It hurts smaller channels more then bigger ones too-

Just as a heads up, I'm currently playing on the windows version and I found a glitch. Right after you get done with the mines area, I somehow glitched and ended up floating over quite a bit of the jumping tutorial. After I've gotten passed that I've landed and just double jumped to get glitched again and am floating another time.

Thanks for letting me know, which version number displayed in the menu title screen?

'the application " fathoms of fear" could not be launched'           weird mac go brrrrrrr

Hmm I'll look in to it

tysm 馃檪


We checked it out, and we had a lot of fun with it! can't wait to see more from you in the future!


I was requested to play the game by the dev, I gave a brutally honest review and personally, it wasn't my cup of tea. The game is still in a very early stage and there are frequent bugs. Also, it is more of a platform adventure with slightly scary enemies than a "horror" game. Overall it wasn't my favorite but with work it has promise. I flame the game at the end of my video but it's an exaggerated message for David. It's all comedic I don't actually hate the game LOL just not my preferable game. I started playing at 13:16.


Not everything is for everyone I guess


David sorry it took so long but i played this and i gotta say... I really enjoyed it! 

Thanks for giving the game a try!

Tried playing 3 times and it's not letting me switch ammo types. It defaults back to the seamines regardless of which one I select.

Which platform? From the videos I'm seeing nobody is having this issue. Also, which version number?

umm v1.1.4 and im on PC

I just downloaded and tried 1.1.4 for windows, and it for me it works fine. Sounds like some kind of special computer problem you are facing, sorry about that :)



Thank you for the support! Unfortunately the game looks like it will not be reaching the kickstarter goal, however expect something coming down the line anyway! Glad you liked the demo :D


I really hope this gets funded eventually. This is a really cool concept and I enjoyed my playthrough of the demo. I did run into a bug at the very end with the sea monster but, that's probably because I didn't drop down like I was supposed to. 馃ぃ

I also had an issue with the controller controls but, I suspect that's more of an issue with the controller I use to play with rather than the controls themselves. You make some cool stuff and definitely deserve more love. 


I've since uploaded v.1.1.4 which addresses the bug you found, and also I removed the ability to "crouch" by pressing "S" as it was confusing people. Thanks again for finding the issue and posting the video! Unfortunately it dose not appear that the kickstarter is going to be reaching it's goal, however I believe something may still come of the project in time :)


This is a fun game, I'm sorry I was an idiot and didn't realize sprint is a toggle, but overall had a lot of fun and wanna see more!


Cool video :)
The game supports gamepad and keyboard, allowing for input switching on the fly. IMO the gamepad version plays better especially with aiming by a noticeable degree, definitely the recommended way to play!


Really enjoyed this! I'm so curious to see what's going to happen next - I need to know what's going on!


Concept is interesting but I found the aiming system a bit annoying. Other than that I'm curious what will be the final product will be like!

Try it with a gamepad, it's waaaaay better ;)


Shadowband, I thought the idea and concept of your game was really cool, I wanted to ask you two questions, the first question is if the game will soon be on Mobile Platforms, so I wanted to know about it, the other question will the game have more languages? 

No for the first one, possibly yes for the second one IF the game reaches it's funding. Right now it's at 4%.


Got it, well then good luck! 馃槉


Definitely love the mix of the adventure action and platformer, not a huge fan of the fact the sea creatures tank hits, but that's alright! I love the huge holy crap moment at the end of the demo, and it makes me excited to see more! Great job! 

Overall very cool, interested to see where you take this


This was AWESOME!!!


Solid atmosphere and wonderful mechanics! Great game, definitely worth supporting!


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Thanks for reaching out, I enjoyed the game, loved the ending, well played :) 


I've already posted on here but man show this guy some love and play this game! Can't say enough good things bout this one

Always appreciate the support, thank you!


nice game really

Thanks for playing and sharing your video!


hey mate, got to playing the game :) was an all around fun little experience, that I wouldn't mind checking out again a few months/years down the line. some good potential there. 

anyways, like everybody else, here's my video take on your game. thanks for reaching out :) 

Appreciate the feedback, I will take your points under consideration when developing the project further!

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Very solid experience. Only noticed a few camera issues which made certain areas very hard to pass. Would like to give it another shot if those are ever fixed. Thanks for reaching out David Mills!

Deep Sea Scary Vibes!

Random Scary Games - Fathoms Of Fear 


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Thanks for playing 


This experience really took me by surprise, not only with the jumpscares, but with the different styles of gameplay. Like a 2D super mario game, except Mario is a badass with a speargun, and the goombas are terrifying sea creatures. Well done, dev! I hope you raise enough for a full release.

Thank you for taking the time to play my game, I appreciate the video! This feedback helps me tweak the game in the future and hopefully make it better :D

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I really hope you get the support you need for this project because this game has soooooo much potential! I even got jumpscared by some plants lol I am deeply terrified of the Ocean so playing something like this really had me on edge. Glad you hit me up to play, can't wait to check out what else is in store! (I just noticed I botched the name in the title lol excuse my dyslexia, I'll fix it!)


Well you've got a new supporter, that was incredible. 

Thanks a ton for featuring the game and supporting the project! This was fun to watch, I love seeing how people get through my games, please consider trying my other works, mostly horror and even some more underwater spooky games!


Thanks for reaching out David. This game is super good. I enjoyed it fully. I really want to see more of this and what else is lurking in the dark sea. 

Super appreciate your support, thanks for trying out the game! To answer your in video question about the music, all I remember is the track in the corpse section was one I used in this other project called "Spime" that I originally got from Newgrounds. The actual off putting bells jingle that overlays is also a sound effect randomly pulled from the internet, specifically "freesoundproject.org". Specifically I don't recall the file but if you search "creepy chimes" you will probably find it.

Please feel free to play any of my other projects on my profile, there are bugs here and there because I am a one-person operation so I tend to miss things, but most games have been stable for some time now so hopefully they are all at their best :D

Thanks my friend and its great to see such great development here. You got a gift and i hope that you get more recognition. You work hard and it should be known to many more. I have to thank you for getting back to me about the music. 

I shall check out your other games. Thanks again for reaching out. 

Deleted 325 days ago

Some good ideas for the finished game, definitely going to play with the camera in some places...

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What ansome e

What a wonderful experience

The controls for the aiming of the gun seemed a little off but it didn't ruin the experience at all

Thats really my only complaint and even that wasn't anything major!  I wanna shout out David Mills here and say thank you for requesting that I play this because it really was a treat. Keep up the great work and really hope that you keep making games because there's certainly a lot of promise for you in the future. I look forward to more from you and don't dare hesitate to stop by the channel and share your stuff with me. 

Thanks itchio community as well yall support has been fantastic and got nothin but love for everyone here. 

Everyone please stay safe out there, world is crazy right now 

As well as remember to stay positive 

Much Love 


This was a really great watch thanks a ton for agreeing to do this! Glad you had fun. If you have a gamepad on your PC and don't mind that is a bit glitchy and in a demo state, a really fun one I still play some times myself is "Dune Punk"

Would like to tackle that one more seriously one day but as it is I used to get lost for a while just playing my favorite music and jumping off the dunes dogfighting enemies and sandworms. If any of that sounds cool check it out, or any of my stuff on my page. Thanks for helping show off my project, best of luck!


Thanks for the request! Glad I got the chance to play your game, I really enjoyed it. I hope you get this to where you want it to be and find all the successes you want!

Thank you for trying this out :D
Even if the project is not funded, I will put out a version with a proper ending, although it would be something not as involved as my plan should the funding come through. Got some cool ideas I'd really like to see happen so fingers crossed!

Try out any of my other games if you want, I got games about killer penguins, corpses fishing in hell, "The Thing" but a videogame, more diving horror and some other cool stuff too. Good luck getting the 1000 subs this year! ( I added to the stack myself ;D )


Straight up amazing game dude I really cant wait to see what the full release is like :D

Me too, finger crossed on the kickstarter making the goal! I liked this vid man, try out any one of my games anytime I'd love to get featured in more plays in the future!


Had a great time with this one! thanks a bunch! 

Some fun editing with this one, watched it a few times :D
Feel free to try any of my other games should they be of interest!


hope the game get's funded, and I hope the controls are improved I imagine it plays good on controller with the current aiming system. 


Thanks for the vid, and thank you for supporting the funding effort! It's true the game would need to get a bump from a big name to get any real traction - but it's happened for me in the past and I certainly lose nothing by trying so here's hoping!


Very nice concept so far. For being an early build, there was quite a lot going on, and it was an enjoyable experience even during the little bugs I found. Thanks for sharing it with us!


Thank you! Yeah that was a pretty rough glitch you discovered but I'm glad you brought it to my attention! Please consider some of my other projects anytime 


Thank you so much for reaching out to me! This was such a fun game. It certainly gave me some Echo the Dolphin/Survival Horror vibes to it. Plus the side scrolling swing on the double jumps was a nice touch. Also loved that you have to hide in the deep grass, and that it takes some strategizing on how to get passed. 

My only complaint is that the double jump is a little to touchy and it's fairly easy to accidentally hit that extra jump when you don't mean to. That and I wanted more, as I was just getting into the story. I look forward to the full game once it's fully funded, and I hope it truly does. It has so much polish and promise. 

P.S I realized I had played one of your previous titles The Littlest Penguin, and that was a blast as well. I put this up as one of my Showcases for developers. Everyone I do recommend this, and not because I was reached out to, but because this demo is incredibly polished, and was so much fun to play. 

Thank you so much for playing my game on your channel! Your feedback definitely helps make the game better - it seems the jumping as it sits currently has been confusing for a few players, particularly on the pillar challenge. Working on something a long time you get pretty 2nd nature with the mechanics, so fresh eyes are certainly a must to avoid tunnel vision. I'm actually pretty into Ecco myself and even use some of the Ecco music in some of my games like "Blood Bath Bay" and "Diver Down" ( also undersea horror projects ). Appreciate the video!


Oh no problem. I got raised on platformers, so the jumping mechanic was pretty easy to pick up. May just be sensitivity on how easy it is hot that double jump than the mechanic itself. Just takes a few tries. Honestly my favorite mechanic was the hiding in the grass. Such a dynamic moment.

 I will also have to check out those other titles if anything to hear that nostalgic music.

 Let me know if you ever finish this title, or any other projects in the pipeline. I'd love to give them a whirl. 


This was actually pretty fun kinda gave me crash bandicoot vibs on the swing and side scrolling type game cant wait to see how the game ends

Thanks for playing and posting, I liked watching your experience! Hopefully it gets funded and I can get it finished, in the meantime I have several completed games available on my page, some wacky stuff there so check it out if anything interest you!


Hey David did you delete your comment on my (RatmanSam) channel, I went to go approve it if you added the link and it's just completely gone.

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No actually ( and this is a problem I've been facing, think I'm on a list somewhere ) when I add links on Youtube they get rejected as spam. That's kinda why I used to use the name "Shadow Band" here.

Not sure who I pissed off but it looks like it goes pretty far up...


damn, well that sucks, I think YouTube should let channel owners determine what's spam and not, cause I literally gave you permission.


Reckon them days are over partner...


Actually recording the vid rn, just finished the game and talking about what I think a full version could be, hope ya get some big let's players talking about the game.

Ditto, The kickstarter isn't asking for much in terms of game development, it is achievable. Even without the money it can be done, made plenty of games before without money. The right kind of exposure makes all the difference though. The most popular games of mine are also my worst, "Astrocreep", "The Littlest Penguin" , Markiplier played these games over 5 years back and they still get more plays today than new releases. Indie game scene has deflated in general since those days but it's still fun to do so I guess I'm in regardless :D


No clue what happened to our conversation, so I'll just say great work and leave it at that.

Was editing the page and hit delete by mistake ha, thanks again!

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