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Click around the space station to help the alien take over! But look out, you are vulnerable... eat humans in creative ways to evolve to your final form!

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Includes a demo of my latest game: DINO GOLF!

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorDavid Mills - Game Developer!
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Tags2D, Aliens, Atmospheric, Casual, Creepy, Horror, Point & Click, Short, Singleplayer


Astrocreep.zip 787 MB


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for some reason I keep encountering the same bug where after devouring the guy in the toilet the alien jumps way further than it should and I dont get the arrow to make it walk out of the door


I've seen this in gameplays where the framerate is low/choppy due to the computer having bad or low specs. It's likely a hardware issue on your end, as I've seen gameplay from different players with smoother framerates not have this issue. Whats happening under the hood is there are calculations running to move the alien ( it's not an animation or something like that ) as it jumps out of the guy's mouth onto the floor. In slower computers, and with lag, the calculation goes too long/short or just not the right expected amount of time, causing the alien to overshoot the landing zone it was designed to hit. This causes it to miss the hidden trigger zone and the arrow as a result does not appear. Sorry that happened to you though!

Me gusto bastante el juego, algo corto, pero entretenido, no durare en jugar los demás juegos de esta saga

можно истреблять людей, что ещё нужно)


Bruh, I literally played this game like years ago. I didn't though there will be a downloable version of it.

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there's a few of them in the series you can download 


This game is great, I played your game and did a video on it, feel free to see it

Thanks for checking it out, try some of the other Astrocreep games sometime :)

will do, feel free to comment in the video.

36:53 Astrocreep starts. Excellent point and click adventure horror game. The puzzles made sense and the story was great. Being the killer alien was a great perspective to play from. It was like a short prequel to Among Us. Absolutely loved your humor and art direction. Very creative!