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man i absolutely loved this game it was so dang fun i couldn't stop laughing some of the scenes made me laugh so hard keep up the excellent work my dude

This was actually the first game I ever made in Unity, seems like forever ago now ha :D
Thanks for checking out my stuff man!


Nice work =)

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awesome game

I like it

I uh...I miss the original, so this was super refreshing. Loved it and hope to see more from ya! Check this out if you want to know what I thought about it in depth

This was surprising every step of the way. It was really fun!!!! 


i played your game and it was really fun. Like the art style and it was funny! It would really help if you could check out my youtube channel and possibly subscribe! Thank you!

we are the ruler of hell what a crazy twist but i love the game please check it out and like and subscribe trying to get 100 subs thats my goal

Who did the narratortion for this game? I know it gave a screen name at the end of the gmae but it flashed so quickly and at a weird angle that I was unable to read it. 

      Also what a fing twisted story this plays more like a really morbid children's book than a real game. It is fun and I love how just when you think it is over it is not and the real ending is awesome but you the creator of this tale are one twisted mofo.

I never got to the ketchup part (and I may be happy about it) 3 ':


love the gore and the narrator's voice acting really enjoyed playing this :D

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this game is so dark but i love it ! def recommended to play !!