A downloadable game for Windows

Like the Orange Box (but unfinished), this is a 3-pack of demo projects I've started developing and abandoned in favor of making something else. I might also return to making these somewhere down the line but I also might not...WHO KNOWS!


Astrocreep Invasion 3D - a 3D remake of THIS GAME HERE. a point n' click alien adventure similar to "The Visitor". KEYBOARD/MOUSE ONLY

Stabika - a continuation of the games in THIS SERIES. This game is different by not being a QTE style controls but a 2.5D platformer. GAMEPAD INPUTS ONLY.

Soul Safari - a game about possessing different animals as a new soul gaining perspective on existence to reach a higher plane.  GAMEPAD INPUTS ONLY.


The F#%&-IT BUCKET!.zip 539 MB

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