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I didnt play it for long but its the 2nd game of the video :)


The game's fairly interesting and really interesting for the most part. I just found trying to eat being harder then it should. Especially since I'm doing everything right and still not getting a fish to eat. Beyond that, game's very solid.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Always appreciate your vids man, thanks for giving the game a try! :D


Survive the Sea starts at 00:00. Excellent game! My only gripe is eating the fish was kind of a pain, but that's it. The unlimited sprint made getting around easy and giving the survivors a way to defend themselves was a good idea. The lock on attack worked well and it was a great experience all around. We came up with a premise to turn this in to a movie half way through so clearly you have something special here. Feel free to pitch it to the studios!

Appretiate the video, was a nice watch :)
Feel free to play any of my other games, if you wanted more "Astrocreep" there are 2 other games including another point n' click, the incomplete Astrocreep 2: Invasion . There was also a spinoff game I have hosted on my page here called Aquacreep 3D which plays like the 1982 movie "The Thing" and changes on each play through. Some people prefer the 2D version .


I thought it was a fun game! 

Hey thanks a ton for trying this out! I see now I'll need to update the game, add some kind of a crafting guide and rework the tutorials a bit. If you were interested, I actually released a 3 stage demo of a pretty cool concept that no one else seems to have played yet. It's called Fortress and it plays a lot like Home Alone meets Saw if that kind of thing sounds interesting, I'd appreciate hearing your feedback :D