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Lo juegue en mi video mas reciente y es un juego bastante divertido y entretenido, lo recomiendo bastante para pasar un rato

Thanks for checking it out!



Loved the voices and effects you added, a great watch, thanks for posting!

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Shoutout to David Mills for this game it was fantastic keep up the good work 

#2sCARY gAMES #Dark Deception #Skinwalker

Thanks for trying it out, I've made a lot of other games including some horror stuff so check it out if it interest you!

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The tracker jumping through the window was my favorite part 😂😂 Totally unexpected! 

pleasure to see another one of your games my dude!

Finally something interesting .


Thanks! Check out my other work, I do a lot of spooky themed stuff but my games are about different things, might find something else you like :D

Pretty fun game, was just a little sad that it ended so quickly! 


Just played through it and I had so much fun! Everything looks so adorable and yet creepy. I just hoped it had been a bit longer. :D


I had actually never heard of skin walkers before playing your game. This was a great introduction to them to say the least! Loved the narrative based style and the game looks amazing from a graphical perspective. Highly recommend you guys playing this one! I'll leave a link to my playthrough of it as well, if you want to check it out.


Thanks for checking it out!

I did a 3 random horror games and yours was on the list. It starts at 6:42

Great little game! Are we wearing a hooded onesie? I encountered a bug when I tried to go through the main entrance door (didn't know it was the main entrance, I thought it was a random room). I ended up phasing through it and being able to go outside and around the house. I was able to come back in though! I really liked the screen effects when we're outside the window and getting cold! Real nice touch! Loved the graphics and humor, wish I could've actually seen the Skinwalker under its true form :)

Thanks, I made a game with shapeshifters ( and all the visible gory details ) called "Aquacreep ( 2d and 3D versions ), that and "Among the Sheep" will scratch the itch ;D



Ok... I'm writing this like a week after finishing up the video. I don't know why this took me so long. I don't know why I was over thinking this game so much. but yea... Ok so the very first thing that comes to mind when I remember playing this game was the story setup. With the intro scenes and music building ambience in the background. This really made a great setup and pulled me in to continue playing this game. Next I noticed the animations were smooth and not clunky (example: some games have the movement speed of a model and the animation speed of the model off sync and when it is, it stands out alot)I would say the controls need a bit of finer tuning but that's just the programmer in me plus I try not to say to much about controls in a game unless their really awful because I feel that it's meant to be like that so you can get used to a new experience/feel which might lead to you having to relearn common controls... anyway. The story was pretty straight forward nothing wrong with that and the pacing wasn't to bad either.

The first time I encountered a bug was interacting with the knife which caused my camera to 360 (noscope) if you walked to the side of it. That same bug allowed me to get outside the building at one point and also get the other ending at another. I wasn't going out my way to find these bugs, they just occur while playing. I would just say take a final jog along the parameter of your game at the end to prevent things like this.

And minor camera spasm when you enter a door. I don't know I would just say pause control input for those milliseconds while the camera readjusts.
All in All I enjoyed my time playing this game, and I will be looking out for more.

- Music/Atmosphere/Sound design
- Cinematic feeling cut-scenes
- Good Story
- Great setup

- Couple Bugs
- - 9:33 Second Ending Bug
- - 10:29 Bug allowed me to get outside
- Choices at the end are a little finicky

I intention for all of this isn't to be mean or over criticize your game or anything like that. I just feel like creators on create these games/experiences and people make videos on them for themselves and yea people see your game but... all I'm trying to say is I appreciate you for making this and I want to put effort into showing that. 

I enjoyed this project, I will be looking out for more from you. Thank you again. GGs


Quite the opposite, I appreciate you taking the time to go through it in such detail, good and bad, made it in a week so it doesn't bum me out! Thanks for the feedback :D


lol in a week ok this is great then, yea and no problem.

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Hello, I played this game and it wasn't too bad, very different but it was short and sweet, one question: is there another ending? If so then how do I press 'Right' cause the use button is A and if I move the highlight to Right I'll need to press A to use which didn't work. Over all it was neat, good work :)

I liked this game! Great premise, but a little light on actual scares. Still Had a good time! 

ANNEM DEĞİLSİN ... | Skinwalker (Bağımsız Korku Oyunu)

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I really love the short story and style of the game. It was really fun to play and I am gonna play more because 


I chose the wrong person and killed ma instead of the skinwalker


Very cool concept for a game! I enjoyed the moody atmosphere here. Though brief, I had a great time playing. I do wish there was more than one ending though. It seems certain that the game intended to have at least two, from the looks of it. I like the idea so much that I’d certainly like to see the game expanded. It feels like the mechanics were designed for a much bigger game. Just as I was settling in, the game ended. Great work, I’d like to see this fully fleshed out.

Appreciate it! I have other games that do more like what you are describing, if you like this give Aquacreep 3D a try, several of my projects are about shapeshifters :D

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This was absolutely fantasic. I loved the adorable character designs, setting and story. It was shorter than I expected ( I wanted to snoop in all the rooms! xD) but, I enjoyed every second. Love your style so I'll have to check out your other stuff. Thanks for the fun little game!


It was really cool! What an experience. It is just like a creepy pasta, but in a game format, and sincerely, I loved it. Guyen best character ever 10\10! Short, but great game!


This was really interesting! Loved the subtle stealth aspect of this, as well as the overall feel of the art style. I tried to get another ending, but I'm assuming there's only one based on my own experience. Overall, this was a great game!

Thanks! if you want one that's like this with weight to your choice, try "Aquacreep 3D". It's older so it's a bit rougher, but if you like "The Thing" horror movie, this is a lot like that :D

However if you want something quick with some random elements and monster jumpscares I recommend "One Man's Trash".


This was really cool! I liked the style of the art and game, and the story was interesting. Really awesome :D


Thanks for letting me know what you thought, glad you liked it! I got a bunch of games that cover a variety of topics, look through 'em sometime you might like those too :)


Amazing! Lovded the bit of humor thrown in at the end too :)

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You... are suits n nukes right? The art style looks too similar not to be! But anyways, the dad at the end spoke my mind! There should be an option to make him pay for it XD. SO... is there no hope for mom? :( 

Yep, it's me! Why'd I change my name? The clue is IN the new name! (It's a pun for what happened to my old account)

As for ma, well, that was life on the prairie for you...


It's always nice to learn abit  about other mythologies other then Japanese. Not a bad game. Just a tad short. But a good game none the less.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

If you like this you should try my other game "Aquacreep 3D" it has a randomized shapeshifter horror story every playthrough :0


I've said it before and I'll say it again, I LOVE the aesthetic of your games!! This was really cool, LOVED the reference at the end as well!! (at least I think it was a reference anyway)


Appreciate the video as always, thanks for trying this one out :D

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It looks good. I'll download and try it.


I didnt know you switched to itch bud!

I have many faces 0.0


Awesome xD Im planning to make a few games to put here too. Right now im doing psx stuff

Good luck man!

Thanks! You too!


Always impress me with what you do
I have tried both ends, I don't know if there are other endings


This was cool. Keep up the great work.


Good experience! 

Thank you for saying so, try some of my other stuff, "Dune Punk" is pretty fun


SUITS AND NUKES! I found you! Made the switch to itch now! Its me Squib btw

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creepy story ...damn

Thanks for sharing the vid, glad you enjoyed!


A nice addition to my channel, and less blood too.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

Thanks for playing it man, appreciate the vid!