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PLAYED IT 34 TIMES! Very good! I LOVE IT!The part where there is maggie got me laughing-

I really Like Slaughter!


Release the beast


Great game! i loved it!

Ned Flanders Kills The Simpsons (full gameplay)


Great Horror Game!

check this article, it's about you.

Thats really cool, thanks a lot for bringing this to my attention!

Reals short but decent game !!

Fun :)

Game super divertido, parabéns aos desenvolvedores!

It's so funny :)

loved it! it's different being the killer as versus running away from one! lol

Really good game i love it

Good Job

Good game

I really loved this game ! It was short but fun, good job !


This game was great and short congrats to David Mills

Thanks a lot for playing, hope you found something else of mine you like someday!

This game is a little bit bland. I wish there was more to it. I seemed a bit too short. 


So play the other 2 in the series and pretend it's all one game, I mean what do you really expect for free, anyway?

Won't let me play 

this was a good game  but i dont understand why its 141 MB

Audio makes it heavy tbh even though I compressed it

(1 edit) (+1)

i understand now ( super cool game btw)


Thanks glad you liked it

Absolutely loved the game and can't wait for whats to come.

Thanks try the Bender one sometime

done and uploaded, loved them both

Speed running flander kills check it out :D

Love the game please sub and watch the video to see the gameplay :D

we need an american dad, family guy, SpongeBob and amazing world of gumball version.

A fun game definitely try is for yourselves.

Great Game-rino there creator! I LOVE-IDDILY-OVED IT!

My favorite neighbor-rino suprised me :)

I have a Question,and ONE question only. Why The Hell does this game Pop up first when im searching for a DATING SIM😂 God dammit now i have to play it,it seems that God wants this 👌

Fist game I played, it was very fun.


Warning to viewers: SPOILERS IN VIDEO!




This was the craziest game I played so far, and I loved it! XD


Love it!


Another person is trying to pass your game as malware


Is it THAT time of the month again? They do seem to flair up like clockwork it these days...thanks for the head's up, I'll be going through the usual channels, which means it will be about a week before it gets taken down. Appreciate it!


Anytime, man!


Damn you know what? Already down! Teamwork makes the dreamwork I guess, faith in humanity +1
(Guy's page as of now)

That's amazing! I bet there where a few people that fell for it unfortunately and probably got a nasty virus or something. Any time I see a game that looks familiar I always try to look into to help out.


Everything I'd expect after seeing the quality of your Futurama game (in the best way)! I'll be keeping an eye on any new works from you in the future!


So you're a little bit 2 faced, aren't ya bud?

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The Bloodiest Simpson Episode Ever | Ned Flanders Kills The Simpsons!

i don't know why i never posted this here. But here 's my video on the game. I really hope you enjoy cause i enjoyed the game! 💚

I loved it! It's funny and insane! XD

this is the funniest game i have ever played 10/10


You heard it here first, folks!

Very Good

Glad you liked it :D


I was recommended this game by my ex wife. I thought this was the last chance for her to love me again, To finally do the right thing for my children so they could get the life they deserved. Ned Flanders, very similar to myself. A dashing young man who often has dreams of killing his bestfriends family (Who is engaging in relations with my wife). So I set off on this journey, to kill the Simpsons and trust me I was not disappointed. I felt this game satisfied my urges and I'm no longer going insane. Thank you David Mills!!

What the fuck


I'd have to imagine he's joking. Probably.


Hopefully... also ur game was Incredible!  It was funny and whilst my siblings were watching the Simpsons I was killing them

are you on drugs mate?

Almost exclusively



Thanks a lot, try the Futurama version if you want something similar!

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