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Might be one of my favorite games you've made so far.

This was an actual fun little game, really enjoyed your art style:


Este juego es increible y lo mejor que existe en  Espero que llegue a más gente en todo el mundo. Muy buen trabajo!

loved your game ned kills simpsons!

this is incredible too! ¬¬¬

Thanks, glad you had fun!

bender-kills-planet-express (Speedrun)

these games are fun and no im not commenting this in an insane asylum

Gran juego. GRACIAS!


Great game! i loved it

Bender Kills Planet Express (fullgameplay)


Fun Great Game!

Great game, I had a good laugh while playing. They paid a lot of attention to detail, the scenes are very well done. Congratulations to the developer for the work. I'm looking forward to playing the next projects.


Good game

Very Entertaining!!!




Great game, these "KILLS" games are so much fun, keep up the great work, looking forward to seeing more! 

Good Job


what a great follow up to the ned flanders game. I really enjoyed this game so much cant wait to check out the road runner game!!

DAVID MILLS did it again, I'd to played two of his game for these scary Sunday gameplays because I love his games... and more gameplays coming sooon....


I love these games..

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the game will not download

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i got the game to work and im so happy i did

blender kills (gameplay) :D

Dope Game! Too bad it's made by a meat bag! HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! *sips beer and burps fire* Ah yeah, that's the stuff.

Dope game,i liked this ultraviolence,and the ending was great,didn't found all weapons though,but i had a fun time playing this game,5\5

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Thanks, you probably noticed there was a Simpsons one where you play as Ned Flanders, and I'm also developing a Coyote Kills the Road Runner entry in the "KILLS" series so be on the lookout for that in the future.

do you plan to do a south park game? maybe a game focused on cartman?


10/10 Can't wait to try your other games!

Thanks, did a Flanders one earlier and now I'm working on a Coyote v.s Road Runner project

Greta job!

I enjoyed the game, I found the beer was just too easy to use so I didn't real use any other weapons. I might have to go back in at some point and check them out. As a bigger Simpson fan than Futurama, it did feel as bad killing the planet express crew :)

As Bender Bending Rodriguez It's our Job to finally Kill All Humans before they can escape Planet Express. After Ned killed the Simpsons and Bender killer planet express what’s next? Ed, Edd & Eddy? Family Guy? American Dad? 

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Bender Kills Planet Express | 4k | 60 fps

Absolutely love your games! All comments at the end of the video.

Nice Game looking forward for your next games


Bender Kills Futurama Personajes VR 360°

This was very neat I didn't know you could do that with video game footage. Reminds be of that YouTube channel "Boundary Break"!


Got to love the Dev hahaha 

Glad you had fun thanks for sharing your video!


keep up the good work i will check out the rest of your games this week as well. Never back down, Never give up  ;)

Hell yeah brother :D

I had to try this now that the new season is out! 

Siento que le falta un poco mas de musica de ambiente ya que por momentos se queda sin musica pero quitando eso es un gran juego tambien haria que la nave de planet express tuviera a alguien adentro ya que esta vacia 

Played without ever watching the show but was fire as always 


ever since the new season was announced i am hyped then i saw this 

shut up and take my money

lol but it's free ;)

i know it was just for a meme. lo

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